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Demo TYPO3 - the Demo Web Site For Testing the CMS TYPO3

On this demo web site you can get to know the content management system TYPO3 in the long term support version 4.5 and test working with TYPO3 as an editor.

For easy testing this TYPO3 demo web site offers different sub domains in order give several users the possibility to work with the cms at the same time. Besides one web site you can edit freely, we provide an unchangeable web site as model: the English branch of www.demo-typo3.org .

As an additional help we recommend to watch and work through the TYPO3 video series for editors simultaneously. For easy orientation the content of this demo web site is - except for a few marked exceptions and this page - as similar as possible to that of the videos. Although the video series shows TYPO3 in version 4.2 it is very useful for the current TYPO3 long term support version 4.5 as the differences between these versions concern mainly backend views. If you prefer testing TYPO3 in another version, you can choose from the list below.


Access to Your TYPO3 Test Web Site in Version 4.5 LTS

If you would like to edit an individual test web site of demo-typo3.org in TYPO3 version 4.5, please click on the following link to generate your access data.

By logging-in to the test web site of Demo TYPO3 you agree with the following terms of use.

Please note that due to the necessary reestablishment of the original condition of this system, it is locked each night for some time between 3:00 a.m. and c. 3:15 a.m. CET (GMT + 1.00).


Test web sites in different TYPO3 versions


What do you think about demo-typo3.org?

We would like to know how you liked working with our demo TYPO3 website! Did you go along well or do you have any suggestions for improvements? Just leave a short comment on typo3-websites.eu!


The TYPO3 demo web site demo-typo3.org is not an official web site of the TYPO3 Association, it is a service of a7digital GmbH.


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