Editing Content Directly

TYPO3 enables you to directly on the web page edit texts, write new texts, include images, and much more. As long as you are logged in with the related domain in the backend, you can see the editing buttons on the web page.

This way of working is very vivid and offers an interesting alternative especially to new-bees and for proof-reading. You can combine it with working in the backend as desired.


Texts, Images, and Links

Based on the powerful content management system TYPO3, your website can be set up in a way that allows you to easily change or add content at any time, from any place with internet access. You may include your own texts, images and other files without any HTML or programming knowledge. If you are looking for a highly specialized function or simply need some help, you can ask for professional support.

Another important aspect is: TYPO3 is supports Öffnet internen Link im aktuellen Fenstersearch engines optimisation in various ways.


Why 2 Approaches?

TYPO3 allows you to choose the approach you like best or the one that is the most appropriate for the task given.

That way, working with TYPO3 comes more natural for different types of users and is more efficient. A good example for this are the 2 ways of including images.


Why 3 interfacess?

By default, TYPO3 offers three views to edit the content of your website. The presented so-called frontend editing is the most vivid, the module [List] the most efficient and the module [Page] is an interim thing.


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