Access to Demo TYPO3 and Playground

User: cedar

Password: 123welcome


After clicking the hyperlink, please, enter the above shown username and password in the log-in form.

We wish you a pleasant and successful time of practising or testing TYPO3!


Hint on Frontend Editing

As in most of the videos in your test web site of the frontend editing in standard is deactivated. To activate it, you just have to click on the arrow in the so called admin panel (lower left corner). If you want to deactivate it again, just click on the arrow again. How to work in the frontend is explained in the video tutorials '4 Minutes Introduction' and 'Editing Content Directly (Frontend Editing)'.


Hint on the Admin Panel

Using the admin panel changes temporarily the addresses of your web pages and causes validation errors as long as you are logged in to the backend. Visitors of your web site will always see the web site free of errors and with the common urls and both will also disappear in your frontend view if you log out.


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